Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New Year --- 2012!!

It has been a long long time since I posted and I figure that it's time for something different. So this blog is now going to be my way of keeping my life organized and making every little thing that I experience last more than just a few minutes. This may include lists, book and movie reviews, as well as recipes and other such everyday things that make life interesting. To start:

The Ghost Writer (a movie):
I love Ewan McGregor. I have to admit that any movie the man is in I cannot help but at least like just because he is incredible. So I knew regardless of the actual movie's plot that I would in fact enjoy this movie. Well, the credit's are currently rolling and I have to say I'm still left a little confused. I'm not really sure what the ending was supposed to mean and think that this might be one of those films that you have to watch twice to understand exactly what was going on. It was a fabulous movie with interesting intrigue and character interactions but I don't think I was every really sure throughout what exactly was going on. Ultimately, i'll give it... 3/5 stars just b/c it was entertaining and Ewan McGregor of course was the main character...although as I already said...it, in the end, didn't really make any sense. Oh well, now I guess it's my job to scour IMDB for a plot synopsis...

Today I received in the mail a free sample of NeilMed Saline Sinus Solution and also downloaded a free audiobook of JI Packer's "Knowing God" which I have heard gushed about for years now. I'm excited to start listening to it soon. Several months ago I received a free NeilMed nettypot, so maybe if my sinuses get really bad I'll try it...seems to be all the rage, although luckily I have not had a need yet this season.

Well, if there's anymore to share, i will post again, but for now I'd just like to say have a fantastic 2012 everybody! Everyone deserves a good year :-)

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KnittyKitty said...

Btw, the free audiobook mentioned in the previous post was from christianaudio.com - check it out! They have 1 free download every month and i've listened to some really great books over the last year :-)