Saturday, December 5, 2009

So, as a quick round up and as some motivation, I wanted to list my WIPs front and center (It's a long list). There are several things I want to start for Christmas so not sure if I should just put the WIPs off or what...will have to ponder.
1. Super Scarf (could be a xmas gift)
2. Mama David Shawl (just add fringe)
3. Snowflake Divine Sweater (for me - really do want to finish for xmas)
4. Moonlight Mohair Vest (for me - will probably finish quickly)
5. Indiecita Alpaca Scarf (would love to have this comfy dressy scarf for the upcoming cold weather...!)
6. Sisterly Love (ongoing project...not sure if it will ever be finished lol)
Tomorrow I'll round up the list of additional things I would like to knit for friends and family for Xmas... :-D

Also thought I would mention that my mom has her own ideas of what I should make for family this Christmas lol :-P
1. another Katrine Stripes Afghan (takes forever!!!)
make that, another one for each household (3)
2. another Spring Beret for my aunt (I've already made 2)
Funny how non-knitters don't understand that certain patterns call to you and you must make them and that knitting the same pattern over and over is only pleasurable if you so desire :-)