Thursday, January 5, 2012

Four Christmases and Solitary...

Yesterday I finished a book and watched a movie while anxiously awaiting word from my advisor about the status of my thesis. Well, he had finished looking it over by 4pm and at the moment I'm just editing the little bits and will finally distribute it today!! Hallelujah...that took FOREVER :-O

So, anyway, here are my 2 reviews for the day:

Four Christmases (a movie)
Ok, so I love Vince Vaughn and I love quirky family comedies which made this the perfect movie for my tastes. The situational comedy was hilarious, especially the satellite dish installation scene and the craziness of Vince's brothers. And the movie ended on a sweet note which is always a plus. No mystery here. And for a romcom that's a good thing.

Solitary: The Solitary Tales Series by David Thatcher Book #1 for 2012
Hmmm. This was an entertaining book what with the mystery and intrigue throughout. I had a hard time putting it down at times and so that was pleasant. The only problem was that the ending was incredibly sad and the mystery was never fully explained. I was definitely left wanting more and am debating whether or not I want to read the next book to see if things are wrapped up at all. I'm worried though that the secrets will remain just that as part of this author's M.O.

Hopefully I'll get a chance later to post a picture of Creation #1 for 2012 - a pair of copper chain feather earrings! They are fabulous, if I do say so myself :-)

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