Monday, January 23, 2012

Time for some reviews...

So I've been holding on to these reviews for a few days now, but here they are...several movies and books.

Revenge of the Nerds (a movie):
So I've always heard that this movie was a classic and just never got the opportunity to see it. Well, it was available on Netflix Instant Play so I decided, "Why not?" While parts of the movie were a little crude for my taste and, I thought, gratuitous, the movie as a whole was definitely funny and ridiculous in a good way. I have to say though, if I was Betty, I'm not sure who I would trust! That poor poor girl :-( My favorite part was the general fact that the nerds ended up being sponsored by an all-black fraternal organization...definitely made for some hysterical moments. And the ending was wonderful, especially for all those of us who are self-proclaimed nerds out there. Definitely a classic :-)

The Sweetest Thing (a movie):
I caught this one on TV one day and the description said romcom so I couldn't help myself. It was in fact quite good and the interplay between the best friend main characters played by Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz was just plain fun! Every girl wants an awesome friendship like the two of them had. I just enjoyed watching the way they were with each other more than anything...of course the love story was cute too...and super quirky in the end. Totally recommend this one.

Season of the Witch (a movie):
Watch the trailer but NOT the movie. It was stilted, contrived, and just plain awful!!

Blood Will Tell by Samantha Young (Book #4 of 2012):
Fantastic! This was a supernatural young adult novel without an obvious romantic side story which was a surprisingly refreshing change of pace. The story was focused on the difficulties the main character was undergoing in trying to figure out who she really is...and what she really is. It's the first book in a series, so I may run to the library at some point and see if they have the 2nd one (I got this one for free on my KindleFire). I really can't say enough good things about this book. It was a page turner. You're drawn into really caring about the characters. The mythological backdrop was intriguing. And the author just really has a way with putting you in the scenes. Loved it!

(Book #5 of 2012) - I have read 3 different short stories on my KindleFire that I've decided to combine together as book #5...they are:
Transfection by David Gaughran:
This short story has a very intriguing plot but, all in all, I thought the characters were vague and the story was told far too broadly. It spanned far too long a time period and the ending was extremely disappointing.
From Above by Jeremy Robinson:
I loved this one. It had great characters with very definite personalities and the story was quite imaginative. I liked the creativity and the depth to which the situational history of the story's backdrop was covered. Quite good.
Tuned in to Love by Karen Jerabek:
Short and sweet and lovely. This was a great little story about two people who unwittingly fall in love. It was strange how some of the scenes reminded me of a novel I wrote back in the 6th grade, but that's probably because every female wants to have a crazy electric, this is the man for me kind of feeling in their gut.

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