Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy's Cloth (Happy belated Mother's Day)

She loved it!!! Yay :-) And unfortunately as I expected, she didn't want to use it as a dishcloth but wanted to frame it or something equally as absurd lol. I told her that if she kept not using my dishcloths as actual dishcloths that I was just going to make her a giant dishcloth afghan and she...loved the idea :-p haha, guess I should watch my mouth next time. The idea of knitting all those dishcloths makes me very happy but the idea of seaming up all those dishcloths is another story entirely!!

So about this particular project:
Mommy's Cloth
Lily Sugar n' Cream in Hot Blue
Size 3 needles - I discovered that using size 3 needles for dishcloths is just not fun at all. The knit ends up being so tight that the final product is really stiff and just not very dishclothesque :-( I vow never to use smaller than size 6 needles on dishcloths again!
Pattern was Mother's Day Cloth by Kris Knits such an awesome design!
Mommy's Cloth
Regardless of the stiff ickiness of the final project, mommy still liked it :-) Aren't mothers great??

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