Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy's Cloth (Happy belated Mother's Day)

She loved it!!! Yay :-) And unfortunately as I expected, she didn't want to use it as a dishcloth but wanted to frame it or something equally as absurd lol. I told her that if she kept not using my dishcloths as actual dishcloths that I was just going to make her a giant dishcloth afghan and she...loved the idea :-p haha, guess I should watch my mouth next time. The idea of knitting all those dishcloths makes me very happy but the idea of seaming up all those dishcloths is another story entirely!!

So about this particular project:
Mommy's Cloth
Lily Sugar n' Cream in Hot Blue
Size 3 needles - I discovered that using size 3 needles for dishcloths is just not fun at all. The knit ends up being so tight that the final product is really stiff and just not very dishclothesque :-( I vow never to use smaller than size 6 needles on dishcloths again!
Pattern was Mother's Day Cloth by Kris Knits such an awesome design!
Mommy's Cloth
Regardless of the stiff ickiness of the final project, mommy still liked it :-) Aren't mothers great??

UFO attack!!!

So I just realized that I have 9 UFOs right now not including the 2 afghans I'm currently working on!! That's too many and needs to come down so I can crank out some FOs :-)
I've joined Lose the U:23 on the Monthly Adventures group of Ravelry so hopefully this will help!
UFOs =
1. Mama David’s Shawl (June 2008)
2. Super Scarf (Jan 2009)
3. Alpaca - I won a contest scarf (May 2008)
4. Grandaddy’s Computer Gloves (Jan 2010)
5. Baker’s Cloth (a recent addition, but also an overdue gift) (May 2010)
6. Christmas # 1 - Grandma’s Favorite Angel (Jan 2010)
7. Moonlight Mohair vest (March 2009)
8. Hearts for the ones I love (3 almost completed) (2009)
9. Divine Snowflake Sweater (Jan 2009)
In addition to getting at least some of the above completed I also still need to (holdovers from May to-do):
10. Post pic of My Snowbaby on Ravelry
11. Post pic of Elvish Leaves for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
12. Post pic of Diagonal Knit Dishcloth for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
13. Complete January Square for Gmother/Gdaddy Afghan
14. Post January Square pic on Ravelry

Saturday, May 29, 2010

To-do list revision :-)

So once I actually got my knitting mojo back I realized that my to-do list was ridiculous and that there were a bunch of things that I had forgotten about!
So in an attempt to actually get some things to go from UFO to FO, below is my revised to-do list for May - wait...isn't that just the next 2 days?? Ack!!
1. Finish Mommy's Cloth
Done :-)
2. Post Mommy's Cloth pic on Ravelry Mommy's Cloth Done :-)
3. Sew up and stuff Rainbow Sparklies
Done :-)
4. Post Rainbow Sparklies pic on Ravelry Rainbow Sparklies Done :-)
5. Post pic of My Snowbaby on Ravelry
6. Post pic of Elvish Leaves for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
7. Post pic of Diagonal Knit Dishcloth for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
8. Complete January Square for Gmother/Gdaddy Afghan
9. Post January Square pic on Ravelry
10. Finish Baker's Cloth for Katy's wedding gift :-)
11. Mail off Baker's Cloth
12. Post Baker's Cloth pic on Ravelry

This should be very doable!!
Oh and Happy Memorial Day Weekend :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To-do lists are hard to follow!

So, obviously I am terrible at staying on track with my knitting. School got so busy that I stopped knitting for about 3 months and finally got back into it a couple weeks ago. Of course instead of finishing up UFOs I had laying around, I decided to start more projects! I think I'm hopeless.
Well, to maybe keep myself on track this time I decided to once again make a list of the projects I would like to complete by the end of this month. Along with this goal, I am taking into account the many KAL Ravelry groups that I am a part of:
1. Twin Leaf Cloth as an afghan square for Sisterly Love (Weekly Christmas Ornament KAL)
2. February Square [haha] (2010 Block a month KAL)
3. Mother's Day Cloth
4. Baked With Love
5. Begin a Cascade Christmas Stocking (Christmas Monthly Make Ahead KAL)

If I can get through the above then maybe I'll finish up some UFOs I've got laying around...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Goals for 2/1 :-)

So...my realistic goals for this week are:
1. Finish Elvish Leaves GTU afghan square
2. Sew up Rainbow Sparklies
3. Take photos of Rainbow Sparklies, GTU #3, and Flowery Snowbaby as FOs!!
4. maybe even finish up and mail off my friend's Super Scarf :-)
Commencing with the craziness!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas wrap-up :-)

I'm gonna go ahead and display the rest of the Christmas gifts I made this past year before I check out for the night and will hopefully get to do some organized planning tomorrow for future knitting ideas :-D

Mommy's Bama Teddy Bear
She loved it! I think now I'm gonna have to knit her a bear every Christmas lol! She wanted a bear that said, "Someone from BAMA loves me" so I decided to just make her one (from the kit she had purchased me a year ago for the express purpose of me making the bear for her - hee hee) rather than pay too much at the supply store. Turned out great and I can't wait to make her another teddy :-D
Mommy's Bama Teddy Bear

Mommy's Blue Hat
This hat was perfect for her small head :-P It's her favorite color which is great! And she wears it a lot so I'll take that as a really good complement :-) Funny back story with this project was that we were at Michael's and I loved the yarn. It had this hat's pattern on the ballband so I just asked her if she would buy me the yarn so I could make her the hat - it worked and now she has a beautiful final product and I got to work with some yummy yarn - Bernat Satin in the Denim colorway.
Mommy's Blue Hat on me 2

Saturday, January 2, 2010

So it's now closer to January 6 than December 6 ... really not good at that whole keeping up with posting thing. Ravelry gets me all distracted :-P
So below are the myriad of FO's I gave this past Christmas :-)

Christmas is a hoot! Christmas is a hoot! 1-3 given out to friends and family as a quick and adorable ornament!

Daddy's CoozyDaddy's coozy given to my Dad who drinks an occasional glass bottle beer. I can't believe how magnificently it turned out. His nickname is W^3 as his first, middle, and last names all begin with W so I thought it would be the most perfect embellishment to just add the little raised 3 :-) It was my first go at duplicate stitch and I really like the result, as opposed to sorta embroidering the lettering on.

Leighton's PickleLeighton's pickle given to my brother who loves pickles which I think are extremely gross haha :-P

Papa's Warm Hat Papa's Hat sported by me given to my Papa who said he was cold all the time so I thought I would remedy that with this warm, bulky, Wool Ease Thick & Quick hat. Now I want one lol.

Well, I will add the rest soon...