Friday, January 6, 2012

January Goals

This year I am planning on "goaling" my way through organizing my life.
For each month I will have 4 goals that can be broken down into even smaller goals to make accomplishing everything more doable.
I only have January planned so far but it's certainly a good start. There are a number of free goal accomplishing worksheets that I have come across in several couponing blogs I subscribe to. I will use them this month to see which one helps me break down my goals the best way for me personally.
So to begin! ...

1. Go through my Christmas gifts
a. make a list of who gave me what - CHECK
b. put items where they go/in places where they will be used
c. write thank you notes

2. Financials
a. find all random financial documents laying around
b. stack documents in proper piles
c. file away
d. place tax pertinent documents in manila envelope

3. Closet
a. pull out all hanging clothes I have not worn in a year
b. fold these clothes and place in bags with other give aways
c. go through non-clothes items on closet floor
d. put these things away in proper locations
e. go through clothing on closet floor
f. take all give aways to Plato's Closet

4. Memory Box
a. decide on categories for memory box
b. decide on separation method (boxes/bags/folders?)
c. separate into piles
d. file these piles into box

I'm hoping that I can get through all of this in the next few weeks... It will help me go a long way to making sense of all my chaos :-)

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