Saturday, January 14, 2012

3 New Movie Reviews :-)

So since the last post, I've seen 3 movies. You'd think that all I do is sit around and watch movies but, I'm always multi-tasking regardless of what situation I'm in. So I've been super-productive as well :-) And grad school has started back up...full on education now...I love it :-)

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (a movie)
I should probably preface this by saying that I am a sci-fi junkie and a sucker for prequels. With that in mind, this movie was a slam dunk choice from the get go. I really have nothing negative to say about it after watching it either! This was an incredible lead up to how the planet got over-run with super intelligent apes. Completely objectively though, James Franco could have had a bit more emotion with everything that was going on. I'm with all the critics when I say that Caesar was by far the best actor in the movie!! I watched the last 20 minutes twice to double my adrenaline rush from seeing how it all starts (I've totally done the same x100 with the end of Star Wars Episode II). After a quick web search I found that there is in fact going to be a sequel!! YAYAYA...I canNOT stress my excitement enough :-D This is gonna be one good series...

Extraordinary Measures (a movie)
Hmmmm...honestly, I don't get why this was even made into a movie and Colin Farrell (John) seemed overwrought throughout the entire affair. Keri Russell (good 'ole Felicity :-) was definitely the better actor here. It had a happy ending of course which was great, but the way that that ending was achieved completely disregarded Harrison Ford's character (Dr. Stonehill). This film basically left me feeling cheated because to have been a really satisfying movie, it would've had to've unfolded much differently. Thankfully, the very last 5 seconds gave me a little bit of an uplift for Dr. Stonehill.

Dylan Dog (a movie)
So once again, this movie was a slam dunk choice from the beginning because I knew it would include vampires, zombies, and werewolves and I am a huge fan of the supernatural. Needless to say, I loved it. The feel of the whole movie was actually more like a TV show than a film and this was actually a pretty enjoyable approach to the story. I really hope that another movie comes out so that more stories can be told. It was funny, intense, alluring, suspenseful, and action-packed although I have to admit that the twist at the end was obvious for me from the very beginning. Also, the actor who plays Dylan Dog...whoo boy!!! gorgeous much!!!! The movie was almost worth it just to enjoy his gorgeous face :-P Besides that nice plus though, his sidekick Marcus was hysterical and the movie would have been incomplete without this character's constant banter and freak out moments. Totally recommended :-)

That's it for now!
Oh, and as a side note, the January Goals are still going really well...I'll update on that later.

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