Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Glittery Christmas (a Christmas tree shaped ornament)

A Glittery Christmas is the name I am giving to the Christmas tree shaped ornament I designed and gave out to friends and family this year as gifts.

The design is as follows:

A Glittery Christmas (a Christmas tree shaped ornament)

Size 8 needles
Red/Green/White Christmas multi yarn (medium weight), even better with tinsel woven in

Finished Measurements: 3 3/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide (at widest)

kfb = knit in front and back to increase 1

Make slip knot w/ 6-7" hanging extra to tie later for loop to hang ornament on the tree.
CO 2 sts
Row 1 - k2
Row 2 - kfb, kfb (4)
Row 3 - k4
Row 4 - kfb, k2, kfb (6)
Row 5 - k6
Row 6 - kfb, k4, kfb (8)
Row 7 - k8
Row 8 - kfb, k6, kfb (10)
Row 9 - BO 3, k7 (7)
Row 10 - BO 3, k4 (4)
Repeat Rows 4 - 10
Repeat Rows 4-8
Row 23 - k10
Row 24 - kfb, k8, kfb (12)
Row 25 - BO 5, k7 (7)
Row 26 - BO 5, k2 (2)
Row 27 - k2
Weave in bottom leftover yarn and tie top leftover yarn in a loop for hanging on the tree.
Sew a fun Christmasy button on to the tree for decoration :-)

Now you have a fun and sparkly ornament that takes absolutely no time to complete!!

Comp Results!!! :-D

So, the last two weeks are finally over and I ended up passing my Comprehensive Exams with DISTINCTION!!!! Such an amazing feeling for all of my hard work to pay off in such an unexpected way :-D Apparently it's pretty normal for a person to feel like a complete and absolute moron after leaving oral exams. I was told I spoke a lot more intelligibly and articulately than I thought I was :-) Yayness for continuing on with the semester and life.

And now for more knitting...

Friday, January 16, 2009


So I completed my comprehensive exams (a huge test encompassing my entire major-Ecology and Biodiversity) Wednesday night and found out today that I did well enough to try for Distinction!!!! This does mean I have to go through another round of testing, but this time it will be oral. Practicing talking about ecological concepts to other people will be great prepartion for my hopeful future of relaying conservation issues to "the public." I'm SOO super excited :-P

On a knitting note, I have relearned how to knit without looking and so have been reading my Geology textbook and knitting at the same time...this way, reading the textbook doesn't make me antsy!!

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Katrine Stripes Afghan Done!!

I have finished Mommy's Afghan (pictured above) and given it a real name since I created the pattern myself. It is called the Katrine Stripes Afghan and the pattern is as follows :-D

Katrine Stripes Afghan

Size - 4.5' x 6'

Size-19 29" circular needles
Tapestry needle
9" long piece of cardboard

6 skeins Patons Divine Deep Earth
Bernat Soft Boucle
3 skeins Black
3 skeins Westport Shades
3 skeins Earth Shades

I will update this tomorrow

Holding all 4 strands together loosely cast on 58 stitches.
Knit 5 rows in garter stitch.
Then begin 2 row pattern repeat.
Row 1: K5, P10, K8, P5, K2, P5, K8, P10, K5
Row 2: P5, K10, P8, K5, P2, K5, P8, K10, P5
Continue 2 row pattern repeat until afghan measures 70" long.
Knit 5 rows in garter stitch.
Loosely bind off.

To make tassels (4):
Holding all 4 strands together, wrap around the 9" piece of cardboard 8 times.
Pull loops off of the cardboard
Cut 1 long separate strand and thread into the tapestry needle.
Thread through the top of the loops and wrap several times around all the loops about 1 1/2" from the top.
Thread strand through opposite side of loops so a strand sticks out on either side and attach to each of the four corners of the afghan.

This afghan is so warm, soft, and cozy!! I love it and my mom does too :-D
First FO of 2009!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolutions and Challenges

So to begin the new year I have joined several challenges on Ravelry and have made some resolutions of my own both involving knitting and my general life. My non-knitting Ravelry challenge was to read 52 books in 52 weeks (a.k.a. 1 year). This should be a lot of fun as I have really been skimping on the for-fun books what with all the studying that being a college senior requires. Other Ravelry challenges include stash-busting and UFO-finishing in a variety of groups including Stash Knit Down 2009, Procraftination, Burnin' Up The Stash (BUTS), Finish or Frog and one for general knitting organization called The Organized Knitting Club. This all should be great fun and keep me on track with my knitting and keep knitting fresh and fun! I'm so excited about this upcoming year, I think it is going to be a fantastic one!
Personal resolutions include:
1. Buying no new yarn until a lot of what I already have is used up.
2. Working on as many projects as I want at a time to keep things interesting, BUT
3. I must finish 2 projects a month
4. Keep up with this blog :-)
1. Show up 15 minutes early to everything!!!
2. Don't procrastinate or fall behind with anything!!!
I guess the two above are everybody's wish :-P

So far I have begun making personal kits from the "Marie Yarn Store" which I will be calling my MYS in future posts. I have 19 "kits" already!!! TOO much yarn lol. Well, I still have more to go through but am so excited that my organization is already under way :-D

Oh and happy last day of Christmas!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Here's a little update on what my current projects look like. Sorry for the super awful resolution, I used my computer camera (my real camera's up in TN).

This is the flower I knitted from the book I got for Christmas. It will eventually be sewn onto my blocked Wildflower Headband. Turned out pretty good huh? I love the dimension.

This is the sweater I cast on tonight, obviously it has a ways to go but I am soo excited that I will finally have a sweater I made that I will be able to just throw on and go with :-) The first 3 inches are ribbing, something I had yet to do, so I actually am finding it quite fun.

I have to say this shawl is probably one of the most tedious projects I have ever done. It just keeps going and going and growing and growing and never seems to end. It's fun to knit a few rows but definitely not an hours on end type project like Mommy's Afghan is despite its size (I gave the afghan a pattern). At least it's being knit out of Homespun yarn so I can look forward to how the yarn is going to appear differently in each row; Corinthian is actually quite an interesting colorway as it seemingly randomly changes from red/blue/gold to red/blue/green.

I love this yarn - 100% baby alpaca. It is so soft to the touch and for some reason my hands always feel moisturized after I work with it. The Indiecita pattern is enticing too with its raised texture. Not a pattern you can mindlessly knit though, the variations in knits and purls do require some attention.

Well, that's all for now and I will hopefully get some pics of the finished Goat, Wildflower Headband, and Brick Pullover shortly. Until then, Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas (5 days left)!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Yarn Frenzy!!

I officially went crazy over the past couple of days with yarn...but it was on sale and I only purchased those brands with the best deals. I was especially excited about Patons Divine and the now discontinued (!) yarn Patons Lacette. Using the Patons Divine, I have just begun the Divine Snowflake Sweater, a free pattern on their website, with Richest Rose as MC and Soft Earth as A.This yarn is the softest (18% mohair) most amazing yarn...I'm in love :-) For the Lacette, I purchased the hard to find pattern booklet "Patons Lacette Romance (knit)" which contains some of the most beautiful knits I have ever seen. I've never knit true lace or used lacey yarn so I am super excited about trying out the Lacette and at the same time super sad that it's discontinued :-( Both of these brands were 2/$3!! Much more has been purchased, but I will wait and comment on them until I begin those projects.

As for current projects, Mommy's Afghan is going beautifully and I have made some headway on the alpaca scarf. The afghan must be done by next Wednesday so I need to get a-workin' on it at the same time that I have to study for COMPs!!!
Here is the afghan so far: (isn't it soo pretty? - the blue flecks are just in one of the four yarns and yet they play such a large role in the overall palette which I find really interesting and lucky since blue is my Mom's favorite color...you wouldn't believe how SOFT and WARM it is :-) My Mom is definitely anxious for me to complete it :-P

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!!