Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Useful Budgeting Tool + January Goal Updates

Check this out!
First off, I'd like to provide whoever may be reading this blog with an Excel workbook I created. This tool has been a tremendous help with budgeting. It's separated into 2 sheets. The 1st sheet is a breakdown by day (billing cycles for my credit cards provide the overall breakdown) of how much money I have spent in various categories including, for example, Grocery, Automotive, Medical, and Pets. The 2nd sheet keeps track of how much I have saved each month with 1 column for "Out of Pocket," 1 column for "Amount Saved," and a 3rd column for "% Saved." A totals cell below each billing cycle breakdown provides a total savings count for the entire month. CLICK HERE to download
Hopefully someone will find this useful!

I'm still going strong with my goals...
January Goals : 2/4 completed, 6 days left including today = SO DOABLE

1. Go through my Christmas gifts - COMPLETE :-)
a. make a list of who gave me what - CHECK
b. put items where they go/in places where they will be used - CHECK
c. pull out thank you cards - CHECK
d. write thank you notes - CHECK
e. get addresses - CHECK
f. mail thank you notes - CHECK (the envelopes look like stamp collages since I still had some 32 cent stamps :-P )

2. Financials
a. find all random financial documents laying around - CHECK
b. stack documents in proper piles - CHECK
c. file away - CHECK
d. place tax pertinent documents in manila envelope - CHECK
e. pull out GrottoFae info and place in above manila envelope - CHECK
f. find last remaining receipt for GrottoFae, was it in Dec though? - No, so CHECK
g. call to make tax filing appointment - CHECK
h. update GrottoFae info - (I realized my log doesn't include a number of entries so I'm gonna have to look on Etsy to finalize)

3. Closet
a. pull out all hanging clothes I have not worn in a year - (I think this'll just have to wait until I've gone through all of the other clothes)
b. fold these clothes and place in bags with other give-aways -
c. go through non-clothes items on closet floor - CHECK
d. put these things away in proper locations - (still need to hang shadow box on the wall...)
e. go through clothing on closet floor - (bags with future t-shirt quilt materials, clothes I want to keep for my future children)
f. try on above mentioned clothes and MAKE DECISIONS - I only have a very few more things to try on, so almost there!
g. take all give aways to Plato's Closet -
h. put all items back in closet in an orderly fashion -

4. Memory Box - COMPLETE :-)
a. decide on categories for memory box - CHECK
b. decide on separation method (folders for paper memories and Ziplock bags for 3-d items) - CHECK
c. separate into piles (separated by school) - CHECK
d. file these piles into box - CHECK
e. along with b, I need to find a new box to put the post-college stuff in - CHECK

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