Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Horrible Bosses and January Goals update!

I may post again later, but I thought I would go ahead and post my review of Horrible Bosses, which I finished watching this morning, along with an update on my January goals.

Horrible Bosses (a movie) review:
Okay, so after the first 40 minutes my only thought was that this was the most ridiculous movie that I had ever seen. The jokes were not funny and the characters were far TOO over the top. I decided to give up and go to bed. But I have to admit, the last hour was actually not so bad (which I finished watching this morning before my first class of the day). The jokes finally became funny and everything jelled together for a decently acceptable ending. The funniest character had to be the dental hygenist with the helium-affected voice...especially when he was high on cocaine which was probably one of the funniest scenes in the movie. I don't think I would actually recommend this movie, but if you have to watch it, don't fight does get better if you stick with it...

January Goals's going SO WELL :-D

1. Go through my Christmas gifts
a. make a list of who gave me what - CHECK
b. put items where they go/in places where they will be used - CHECK
c. pull out thank you cards and addresses
d. write thank you notes

2. Financials - almost done!!!
a. find all random financial documents laying around - CHECK (and all put in one location)
b. stack documents in proper piles - CHECK
c. file away - CHECK
d. place tax pertinent documents in manila envelope - almost there, all together except GrottoFae info

3. Closet - I'll start this tonight!!
a. pull out all hanging clothes I have not worn in a year
b. fold these clothes and place in bags with other give aways
c. go through non-clothes items on closet floor
d. put these things away in proper locations
e. go through clothing on closet floor
f. take all give aways to Plato's Closet

4. Memory Box - almost complete!!!
a. decide on categories for memory box - CHECK (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin really helped with this. I was organizing things by type of memory such as school work or art but she suggested by year. So I reorganized everything by elementary school, early middle, late middle, high school, college, and grad school which worked a LOT better. This book is amazing so far btw!!)
b. decide on separation method (boxes/bags/folders?) - CHECK (folders within the large purple Rubbermaid box) (I think that I'm going to have to separate out post-college memories into a new box b/c the current box is exploding! I'll update how this goes...)
c. separate into piles - CHECK
d. file these piles into box - CHECK
e. along with b, I need to find a new box to put the post-college stuff in

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