Saturday, May 29, 2010

To-do list revision :-)

So once I actually got my knitting mojo back I realized that my to-do list was ridiculous and that there were a bunch of things that I had forgotten about!
So in an attempt to actually get some things to go from UFO to FO, below is my revised to-do list for May - wait...isn't that just the next 2 days?? Ack!!
1. Finish Mommy's Cloth
Done :-)
2. Post Mommy's Cloth pic on Ravelry Mommy's Cloth Done :-)
3. Sew up and stuff Rainbow Sparklies
Done :-)
4. Post Rainbow Sparklies pic on Ravelry Rainbow Sparklies Done :-)
5. Post pic of My Snowbaby on Ravelry
6. Post pic of Elvish Leaves for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
7. Post pic of Diagonal Knit Dishcloth for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
8. Complete January Square for Gmother/Gdaddy Afghan
9. Post January Square pic on Ravelry
10. Finish Baker's Cloth for Katy's wedding gift :-)
11. Mail off Baker's Cloth
12. Post Baker's Cloth pic on Ravelry

This should be very doable!!
Oh and Happy Memorial Day Weekend :-)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

To-do lists are hard to follow!

So, obviously I am terrible at staying on track with my knitting. School got so busy that I stopped knitting for about 3 months and finally got back into it a couple weeks ago. Of course instead of finishing up UFOs I had laying around, I decided to start more projects! I think I'm hopeless.
Well, to maybe keep myself on track this time I decided to once again make a list of the projects I would like to complete by the end of this month. Along with this goal, I am taking into account the many KAL Ravelry groups that I am a part of:
1. Twin Leaf Cloth as an afghan square for Sisterly Love (Weekly Christmas Ornament KAL)
2. February Square [haha] (2010 Block a month KAL)
3. Mother's Day Cloth
4. Baked With Love
5. Begin a Cascade Christmas Stocking (Christmas Monthly Make Ahead KAL)

If I can get through the above then maybe I'll finish up some UFOs I've got laying around...