Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Inspiration and Successes - Getting Unstuck IMWW Christ - Day 19

Told you it wouldn't take long...  I'm feeling really good right now.  All it took was me refocusing on how much I do enjoy hanging out with myself - a super important thing for everyone to learn to be able to do.  I've just been spending so much time with other people that I'd almost forgotten :-(

 And I have a number of cleaning/organizing successes to share::

My donation/sell pile at the moment!!
On top on the left is the bear rug I was talking :-P

The VIALS!!!  
Hopefully this makes it obvious why 
it took FOREVER to clean all of them out...

I went through this entire HUGE stack.
Notice the straw in front for scale!

And below are the calendar pictures that I have chosen to frame.
All the rest are being recycled!!!

If you can't tell, I cut down 7 calendars into just 14 pictures.
And actually threw out the entirety of the 8th one.
That's 96 >> 14!!! 
I'm planning on framing them as shown above - so 7 framed pictures in all.

And now to the INSPIRATION...
One of the BEST Christmas presents EVER!!!!
If I have something as fabulously collectible as this metal, old-school, Star Wars lunchbox, there is NO reason to keep the dumb, flimsy stuff around.  By keeping this beautiful item in mind, it will be much easier to get rid of things that don't match up to its amazingness ;-D

And spiritual reflections...
As is obvious from today's earlier posts, it's been a pretty down day.  But I want to share a few things, and say that if I had taken them to heart already then maybe today wouldn't have been such a downer...

"Powered by 4" = Reading scripture at least 4 times a day.  Apparently this is the cutoff b/w scripture making a difference in your life and scripture just being a fly by night sort of thing.

"Receiving scripture daily--along with reflecting on it and responding to it--transforms us.  We can expect (1) direction from God, (2) the ability to discern His truth from competing voices, (3) freedom from wrong thinking, and (4) a way to withstand temptation." - From Chap. 8 of Unstuck (my emphasis added)

That's all for now!!  Have a fabulous Wednesday night!

And...GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

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