Monday, February 27, 2012

A couple of great organizational blog posts I found!! + Feb Goals

Check out these 2 great organizational guest blog posts from Money Saving Mom:

In this post, Andrea uses the word SIMPLE as an acronym for various steps to take in organizing your life. Love it! Especially I=Immediate Action which mentions how when you cross off one thing on your to-do list, half of it is crossed off before you know it!

In this post, Heidi brings together an array of ideas (photos included), from many different blogs, for outside-of-the-box organizing tools. Very cool, especially for those who love to D.I.Y...which I most certainly do!

February Goals Update - Not too much progress, but some is better than none ;-)

1. Web and Computer folders
a. Make appropriate sub-folders within bookmark folders
b. Sort all websites into their proper folders
c. Move downloaded documents, etc. to my Documents folder - CHECK (now I can easily maintain the Downloads to Documents flow :-)
d. Make sure all sub-folders in Documents make sense - VERY close to having this completed
e. Put desktop folders where they should go - I really need to do this next!

3. Dresser
a. Top drawer/tights and undershirts drawer
b. Second drawer/t-shirts drawer
c. Third drawer/t-shirts drawer
d. Fourth drawer/running drawer - VERY close (I've already put several items in my Thrift Store and Plato's Closet give-away containers)
d. Bottom drawer - CHECK (I actually dealt with this in tandem with the closet clearing goal)

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