Monday, February 13, 2012

February Goals Update...

So now that we are into the middle of February, I figured I might should go ahead and rethink my goals for this month. Turns out that they have significantly changed since my first post a couple of weeks ago. I realized that some things just happen to be more pressing at the moment (given that school has now started!).

February Goals

1. Web and Computer folders
So, I realized that it would be much easier to find things that I need for my various classes and to make my life as a grad student less complicated if I did not have multiple folders for the same items as well as a large pool of unorganized websites in my Safari bookmarks. This turned out to be a goal that is more time-pertinent than I believed.
a. Make appropriate sub-folders within bookmark folders
b. Sort all websites into their proper folders
c. Move downloaded documents, etc. to my Documents folder
d. Make sure all sub-folders in Documents make sense
e. Put desktop folders where they should go

2. Education "Stuff"
As an education grad student I have all sorts of test results and legal documents that I need to keep track of as well as newspaper clippings about education that I want to keep. All of this plus previous teaching materials NEEDS to get organized!!
a. Locate all test results and legal documents and put in one folder
b. Put all past teaching materials in one folder that is BIG enough
c. Figure out the best way to deal with all of my loose newspaper clippings
d. Separate out materials from previous courses and put each of these stacks together
e. Put all graduation requirement items in one folder

3. Dresser
I have an entire drawer in my dresser that is dedicated to running clothes and...well, I don't run anymore and unfortunately can't because of a predisposition for knee problems and stress fractures. I ran 3 years of cross-country in high school but that was, what, almost 7 years ago...yeah I need to rethink that drawer. Additionally, I just feel like my t-shirts are not organized well enough and my tights/undershirts drawer is TERRIBLY messy. This will also help me figure out how to reincorporate the t-shirts I discovered I would still like to wear that have been delegated to the depths of my closet for so long.
a. Top drawer
b. Second drawer
c. Third drawer
d. Bottom drawer

4. My BUGS!!!
Having had research interests in bugs for almost 6 years now, I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of preserved specimens. While this may seem extremely odd to some, it is what I love and has become a hobby for me. I put so much time and effort into each of my various bug collections that I can't possibly fathom getting rid of them PLUS as a future science teacher they could be super useful in my classroom.
a. Throw out not so well preserved bugs
b. Find a better way to store my spider collection
c. Figure out what to do with my ridiculous number of M.S. thesis vials
d. Reorganize collections from college

Well, that seems like a lot to work on, but it will definitely provide me with some focus and purpose for my "free time" this month. I did so well with my goals last month and they really did make me happier :-) The only thing I still haven't finished from January is going by Plato's Closet, but that will happen when I have time...

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