Sunday, March 4, 2012

February goals update...woops!

Well, it looks like my February goals are going to have to carry over to the month of March, just so happens to be March 4th already!! Ack...time is going by SO fast. But it's all good because I did fully complete my web and computer folders goal and now have a much more organized computer to deal with which happens to make life way yayay!!! :-P
For now I think I'll just keep the 3 remaining goals in mind and not add anything else until they are close to completion as I have a feeling that overwhelming myself will not yield any progress at all...

1. Web and Computer folders - COMPLETE...1 out of 4 is still something to be proud of...:-)
a. Make appropriate sub-folders within bookmark folders - CHECK
b. Sort all websites into their proper folders - CHECK
c. Move downloaded documents, etc. to my Documents folder - CHECK
d. Make sure all sub-folders in Documents make sense - CHECK
e. Put desktop folders where they should go - CHECK

2. Education "Stuff"
a. Locate all test results and legal documents and put in one folder
b. Put all past teaching materials in one folder that is BIG enough
c. Figure out the best way to deal with all of my loose newspaper clippings
d. Separate out materials from previous courses and put each of these stacks together
e. Put all graduation requirement items in one folder

3. Dresser
a. Top drawer
b. Second drawer
c. Third drawer
d. Fourth drawer - still very close...
e. Bottom drawer - CHECK

4. My BUGS!!!
a. Throw out not so well preserved bugs
b. Find a better way to store my spider collection
c. Figure out what to do with my ridiculous number of M.S. thesis vials
d. Reorganize collections from college

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