Friday, February 3, 2012

An incredible blog that I TOTALLY recommend!!

So I recently discovered an amazing blog (through one of the couponing blog's I frequent no less) that is marketed for leaders, but is surprisingly relevant to any and everyone that wishes to make their life more fulfilling and impactful. This is Michael Hyatt's blog, and he writes from a Christian perspective which makes the context all the better for myself. I absolutely recommend this blog for anyone who would appreciate occasional tips or jabs in the right direction for simply improving your life and the way you live it! Because I am officially enamored with Mr. Hyatt's posts, I will frequently be linking to them on this if you'd rather just rely on me to access some of his most helpful ideas for those who are not leaders of corporations or businesses (as I most certainly am not) then feel free to do so.
The most recent post I read of his that impacted me was from the last couple of days. So CLICK HERE to read about actions you can personally take to shift your emotional EXTREMELY relevant topic for myself...and I'm sure many others...

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