Saturday, January 2, 2010

So it's now closer to January 6 than December 6 ... really not good at that whole keeping up with posting thing. Ravelry gets me all distracted :-P
So below are the myriad of FO's I gave this past Christmas :-)

Christmas is a hoot! Christmas is a hoot! 1-3 given out to friends and family as a quick and adorable ornament!

Daddy's CoozyDaddy's coozy given to my Dad who drinks an occasional glass bottle beer. I can't believe how magnificently it turned out. His nickname is W^3 as his first, middle, and last names all begin with W so I thought it would be the most perfect embellishment to just add the little raised 3 :-) It was my first go at duplicate stitch and I really like the result, as opposed to sorta embroidering the lettering on.

Leighton's PickleLeighton's pickle given to my brother who loves pickles which I think are extremely gross haha :-P

Papa's Warm Hat Papa's Hat sported by me given to my Papa who said he was cold all the time so I thought I would remedy that with this warm, bulky, Wool Ease Thick & Quick hat. Now I want one lol.

Well, I will add the rest soon...

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