Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UFO attack!!!

So I just realized that I have 9 UFOs right now not including the 2 afghans I'm currently working on!! That's too many and needs to come down so I can crank out some FOs :-)
I've joined Lose the U:23 on the Monthly Adventures group of Ravelry so hopefully this will help!
UFOs =
1. Mama David’s Shawl (June 2008)
2. Super Scarf (Jan 2009)
3. Alpaca - I won a contest scarf (May 2008)
4. Grandaddy’s Computer Gloves (Jan 2010)
5. Baker’s Cloth (a recent addition, but also an overdue gift) (May 2010)
6. Christmas # 1 - Grandma’s Favorite Angel (Jan 2010)
7. Moonlight Mohair vest (March 2009)
8. Hearts for the ones I love (3 almost completed) (2009)
9. Divine Snowflake Sweater (Jan 2009)
In addition to getting at least some of the above completed I also still need to (holdovers from May to-do):
10. Post pic of My Snowbaby on Ravelry
11. Post pic of Elvish Leaves for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
12. Post pic of Diagonal Knit Dishcloth for Sisterly Love on Ravelry
13. Complete January Square for Gmother/Gdaddy Afghan
14. Post January Square pic on Ravelry

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