Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas wrap-up :-)

I'm gonna go ahead and display the rest of the Christmas gifts I made this past year before I check out for the night and will hopefully get to do some organized planning tomorrow for future knitting ideas :-D

Mommy's Bama Teddy Bear
She loved it! I think now I'm gonna have to knit her a bear every Christmas lol! She wanted a bear that said, "Someone from BAMA loves me" so I decided to just make her one (from the kit she had purchased me a year ago for the express purpose of me making the bear for her - hee hee) rather than pay too much at the supply store. Turned out great and I can't wait to make her another teddy :-D
Mommy's Bama Teddy Bear

Mommy's Blue Hat
This hat was perfect for her small head :-P It's her favorite color which is great! And she wears it a lot so I'll take that as a really good complement :-) Funny back story with this project was that we were at Michael's and I loved the yarn. It had this hat's pattern on the ballband so I just asked her if she would buy me the yarn so I could make her the hat - it worked and now she has a beautiful final product and I got to work with some yummy yarn - Bernat Satin in the Denim colorway.
Mommy's Blue Hat on me 2

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