Thursday, May 20, 2010

To-do lists are hard to follow!

So, obviously I am terrible at staying on track with my knitting. School got so busy that I stopped knitting for about 3 months and finally got back into it a couple weeks ago. Of course instead of finishing up UFOs I had laying around, I decided to start more projects! I think I'm hopeless.
Well, to maybe keep myself on track this time I decided to once again make a list of the projects I would like to complete by the end of this month. Along with this goal, I am taking into account the many KAL Ravelry groups that I am a part of:
1. Twin Leaf Cloth as an afghan square for Sisterly Love (Weekly Christmas Ornament KAL)
2. February Square [haha] (2010 Block a month KAL)
3. Mother's Day Cloth
4. Baked With Love
5. Begin a Cascade Christmas Stocking (Christmas Monthly Make Ahead KAL)

If I can get through the above then maybe I'll finish up some UFOs I've got laying around...

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