Thursday, June 5, 2008


So, I've begun the Indiecita Baby Alpaca Scarf and it is lovely! I love the look and feel of the yarn and I've never knit on such tiny needles - granted their only size 6 - amazing how much smaller they are than size 7s. I'm wondering what It'll be like to knit on even tinier needles, guess i'll see when I start socks huh?:-P Well, I've only gotten 5 rows done so far, so there's really nothing to show picture wise, but I will say that I'm very proud of my newfound ability to purl and knit variously on the same row, to think something as simple as just moving the yarn in front for purling and in back for knitting would have escaped me.

I'm also currently working on a gift for a particular someone, that I will say more about in a couple days, for now I'll just say that it's very practical and very colorful :-)

Also, once I complete the gift, I will be starting a pillow case pattern from an old library book to use up 1 of my 6 Red Heart Super Saver skeins that I bought when I thought that that yarn was perfectly good for a sweater - not so sure about using itchy acrylic for such a thing any more :-P

Pictures will be posted as soon as I have enough of a product to show, also I will have a picture of the goat since it will be finished this weekend!!

(I haven't forgotten about the Patons Rumor Moonstone Heather yarn...I am still planning on making the Waistclincher from Dixon's Not Your Mama's Knitting and handwarmers, although I'm looking through more handwarmer patterns to decide on my favorite.)

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