Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's been 10 days?!

Sorry for the super long wait. Going home to visit my Mom for her 50th birthday and then getting back in the swing of work this week, took up most of my time, although in the land of knitting I did get a lot done!
First of all, that special someone, if you haven't already guessed was my Mom for whom I knitted a beautiful handtowel of the Corner to Corner Striped pattern from the Lily Sugar'n Cream Kitchen Kolors booklet :-D I do not have the photo yet of the handtowel since it is currently on my Dad's camera, but will get it soon. I knitted the handtowel with Sugar'n Cream yarn of the colors Sunshine and Over the Rainbow for the outside diagonal corner parts and White for the diagonal middle -So pretty!!! and Soft!! I made a discovery: I LOVE COTTON YARN!!! I want to knit everything with cotton yarn now :-P

To follow up the handtowel I knitted a Mosaic Flower Dishcloth with Hot Blue and Sunshine from the same booklet and Sugar'n Cream yarn. This dishcloth looks so super cool and the pattern is ridiculously amazing - I keep thinking - how was it so easy to knit such a difficult looking thing - the wonders of knitting I guess.

I'm now in the process of knitting a gauge swatch for a baby sweater for one of my Professor's new baby! This'll be my first real sweater attempt so hopefully it'll turn out well! I'm using the Bernat Softee Baby Bonus Booklet for Little Guys, although I'm adjusting the colors since the baby is a girl. I'll be doing the Brick Pullover in Bernat Softee Baby Soft Mauve and Rock-a-bye Baby. Such a cute little pattern although I have to admit that I purchased this booklet mostly for the amazing Toy Dragon design - lol :-P So far I'm a little skeptical about the softness of this yarn knitted up for a baby, but if it says baby yarn, I guess it really is.

All else is on hold at this point, while I work on the baby's gifts - I'm looking at bootie patterns as well, for which I will use Soft Mauve in Bernat Baby Coordinates - the same yarn with some more bulk and some silvery shine.

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