Friday, May 4, 2012

A charming read about faith, love, and the Revolutionary War

The Messenger by Siri Mitchell (Book #26 of 2012)

Although this novel was a little out of the usual for me genre-wise (historical Christian fiction set during the Revolutionary War), I absolutely loved it!  The format of the book is such that each chapter alternates between the point of view of either Hannah Sunderland or Jeremiah Jones which allowed for really intense character development and a much more functional use of the first person since your not stuck in just one character's thoughts.  The premise is that of two unlikely spies working together to coordinate a prison escape for some four dozen Patriot soldiers during the Revolutionary War.  Hannah, a Quaker, originally gets pulled into the scheme because her twin brother Robert is being held prisoner, and she believes his rejection by their family because he chose a side in the war does not mean his squalid imprisonment deserves to be ignored.  Jeremiah Jones, a Tavern owner, pretends to be a Loyalist by all outward appearances, but ever since the Indian Wars, when his arm was removed due to a gun wound brought on by a fellow soldier who was British, he has sought vengeance for the life he lost.  Not to mention, the habits of the British in treating the Colonials as inferior absolutely infuriates him!  Hannah's questioning of her faith's version of peace and Jeremiah's questioning of his heart's desires intertwine to create a beautiful story of love flowering where it is least expected.  I found myself absolutely unable to put this book down because the characters and their lives were so engrossing.  Usually it takes some secret plot or strange happening to keep me turning pages, but all this book needed to be a page turner was really good character development.  The ending was phenomenal and left me with a huge giddy grin on my face.  You will not regret reading this book.

Note:  I received this historical Christian fiction book for free from Bethany House Publishers to write an early review on and am so glad that I made the request.  The above review is my honest take on the novel.

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