Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Goals Update + New May Goals

I actually did really well last month in maintaining my goals, even with the craziness that comes along with finishing up a semester!

April Goals:

1.  Conquer the Bugs - Still need to wash out the vials, but at least everything is consolidated and organized...and I'm talking about a LOT of insects and spiders :-P

2.  Go Through Food - All old food has been thrown out...unfortunately this included more food than I would've liked, but since I've been dealing with some odd stomach issues lately, I'm not going to risk keeping food past the expiration date even if information on the internet tells me that it's fine for longer...

3.  Deal with Saved Trash - Well I did manage to put all of the glass jars and coffee canisters in an eco-bag in the back room so at least it's all together in one place...

4.  Come Up with Goals for Edu Materials - Yeah, this is definitely an ongoing project and I will think about this more in-depth for May...

Speaking of which...ON TO MAY...

May Goals:

1.  Maintenance - So I've realized that one of my biggest obstacles in decluttering is that I tend to let chore-type activities build up until all my time is spent catching up on dirty clothes and dishes, unclipped coupons, unfolded clean clothes, clean dishes sitting in the dish washer, and overflowing recycling.  Keeping this in mind, and recognizing this weakness as a monthly goal should help me stay on track.
a.  Do a load of laundry as soon as the hamper fills up.
b.  Fold clean clothes before noon the next day.
c.  Get dirty dishes put up right after they are used.
d.  Take out recycling as soon as one type fills up it's bag.
e.  Start clipping coupons as soon as I get them.
f.  Put up clean dishes the next day (I let them air dry so I don't have to towel them off and just smear around the water).

2.  Edu Materials - This will be the month!!
a.  Label notecards that align with my newly written Standards.
b.  Type up hand-written notes so that they can be organized on my computer and take up way less space.
c.  I'm still thinking about more specifics...

3.  Spring Cleaning - While this is not organizational in nature, my house definitely needs a good scrubbing and I have a feeling that this will not only improve my health but also my sense of well-being (not that it's gross or anything...It's just not sparkling by any means).
a.  Follow through on the 4-weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge from Money Saving Mom.
b.  Finish hanging wall art that's still...well...on the floor...

4.  Still TBD

Well, that's all for now...wish me luck!!!  And good luck to all of you who are also on a mission to organization :-)

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