Friday, January 2, 2009


Here's a little update on what my current projects look like. Sorry for the super awful resolution, I used my computer camera (my real camera's up in TN).

This is the flower I knitted from the book I got for Christmas. It will eventually be sewn onto my blocked Wildflower Headband. Turned out pretty good huh? I love the dimension.

This is the sweater I cast on tonight, obviously it has a ways to go but I am soo excited that I will finally have a sweater I made that I will be able to just throw on and go with :-) The first 3 inches are ribbing, something I had yet to do, so I actually am finding it quite fun.

I have to say this shawl is probably one of the most tedious projects I have ever done. It just keeps going and going and growing and growing and never seems to end. It's fun to knit a few rows but definitely not an hours on end type project like Mommy's Afghan is despite its size (I gave the afghan a pattern). At least it's being knit out of Homespun yarn so I can look forward to how the yarn is going to appear differently in each row; Corinthian is actually quite an interesting colorway as it seemingly randomly changes from red/blue/gold to red/blue/green.

I love this yarn - 100% baby alpaca. It is so soft to the touch and for some reason my hands always feel moisturized after I work with it. The Indiecita pattern is enticing too with its raised texture. Not a pattern you can mindlessly knit though, the variations in knits and purls do require some attention.

Well, that's all for now and I will hopefully get some pics of the finished Goat, Wildflower Headband, and Brick Pullover shortly. Until then, Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas (5 days left)!!

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