Friday, May 23, 2008

Plans for the next few days :-D

     Since I have finished my super cute shrug with the amazing Patons Rumor yarn, I would like to continue knitting with Patons Rumor!  I'm planning on knitting the Waist Clincher from Dixon's Not Your Mama's Knitting and the Picot-Edge Gauntlets from Knit.101 with this same yarn because I ended up having so much left over, although I might still have to buy one more skein, not a big deal - I probably currently have about 120+ yards left and the two patterns require <50 and <160.    
I'm also back on the goat train, trying to finish it up so when I go down to visit my bro I can give it to him.  It's actually more fun :-D  than I remember to knit with the particular yarn I'm using, update later on what it is, I don't have the label with me.    
I haven't worked on the tie in awhile.  I'll get started again eventually :-/.

It's funny how much of a high finishing a project that looks good really is :-P

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