Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I won my first knitting blog contest!!

I'm so excited about having won my first knitting blog contest!! It was from Jane at whose blog you should definitely check out :-) The prize was some beautiful purple/blue 100% baby alpaca yarn - so soft - I can't wait to start knitting the pattern she sent along with it - the Indiecita Baby Alpaca Scarf. It should be a lovely knit - the pattern looks really pretty - and I haven't really done much pattern work yet (meaning stitches besides just purling straight, knitting straight, increasing, and decreasing) so I'm really excited!! I also received a lovely notebook with an adorable sheep on the cover and a fridge list magnet with the same motif. :-D Thanks Jane!!
I have a lot of updating to do, but will have to wait until tomorrow to do so, I also have several pics to post :-) I will say that I have completed all the pieces for the goat except for one horn!! Yay- now just a lot of seaming :-P
p.s. My days have been crazy since I've been getting up at 5am every morning to go out and do field work tromping around in the woods :-P

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