Friday, April 13, 2012

STAR WARS book review + April Goals Update

There's SO much that I want to share right now!! I'll start with a book review and a goals update atm and will probably post again later on today :-)

Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith by John Jackson Miller (Book #21 of 2012)
This novel is actually made up of 8 separate novellette sized ebooks available for FREE on Amazon. The above link will take you to the first book in the series. Although this series is obviously written with a young audience in mind, I couldn't help but love it. Maybe it's the Star Wars nerd in me, but I just found it fascinating to explore a realm of the Star Wars universe that I had never encountered before (5000 years BBY nonetheless!). Seeing the Sith as a culture and a people was so different from the usual portrayal of them as a pair of super evil dark-robed deviants. The series takes place over a couple thousand years, which was a surprisingly fresh approach that allowed the reader to see how this Lost Tribe evolved over time. The first 4 installments focus on the beginnings of the Tribe's settlement on Kesh and the reader gets to see how this story of survival gets twisted into a glorious legend as centuries come and go. [Readers should note that the opening few chapters are a little confusing as they detail the ship crash, but stick with it b/c it gets WAY better.] Installments 5 and 6 take place 1040 years later and details the love between Ori (a Sith) and Jelph (an enslaved flower farmer). Their relationship is so cute and the secrets held by Jelph are completely unexpected! Finishing out the series (960 years later), installments 7 and 8 take a humorous turn with Caretaker Hilts, the blustering nerdy legend-keeper whose best friend is a Kishiri (a native of the planet). His interactions with Iliana, the leader of the Sisters of Seelah sect, move from nervous hatred to camaraderie. As I've mentioned before, I absolutely LOVE these sorts of evolutions in relationships - how cool is it when the most random group of people become friends? Anyway, the secret that they jointly discover is mind-blowing and it was truly unfortunate that the book ended there :-( The complete set is coming out soon in print format and I believe a 9th installment will be included - which I CANNOT WAIT to read!! I want to know what happened post-discovery SO BAD!!!. In summary, I totally recommend this series - FREE + STAR WARS = why not go for it??

April Goals Update
1. Conquer the bugs!!! - making headway
a. Consolidate M.S. bugs - I'm so close to finishing up this task. I have 4 more Falcon tubes that contain TONS of bugs that I need to separate out into small vials. The Falcon tubes are awkward for storage since they are so much taller than the flats. But besides that, I HAVE separated out all of the empty vials and put everything in order without any spaces b/w vials. I'm down to 6ish flats now...still SO many lol.
b. Buy alcohol - I double checked and, YES, isopropyl will work - thank goodness
c. Throw away any rotten bugs - I do have a couple, but JUST a couple!!
d. Wash out all empty vials and place them in a grocery bag in my field box. - This will allow for a lot of freed up space!
e. Organize my Sewanee bugs.
f. Organize my spider collection.

2. Go through food - good progress so far :-) And I've thrown away a lot :-/
a. Pantry - I've maybe completed a 1/4 of this
b. Fridge - All done except for condiment packets
c. Freezer
d. Stockpile box - (yes, I do have one lol)

3. Trash I'm saving - haven't started yet
a. Possible arts and crafts items
b. Storage containers

4. I think I'm going to figure out some first steps to move towards organizing my education stuff - you know, the goal I mentioned I wanted to finish in the last week of March...HAHA yeah, that did not happen.

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