Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Goals has been a long time! I've been sick since last Sunday hence the lack of posting :-/
I'm still not feeling 100% well but, I'm slowly getting there...

Today I'd like to post 4 general goals for April. Hopefully this time around, I'll actually stick with them... Although I did make decent progress on some things in March :-) I threw away all of my old medications for one - I can now close that drawer! This is just a start - I'll probably think of more sub-goals as I get started.

1. Conquer the bugs!!! Well at least I finally have all of them in my apartment now...that's a start...and all the M.S. bugs are in one stack in a corner of my living room (rather than spread out under my coffee table).
a. Consolidate M.S. bugs - Since I don't have to do anything more with them, I really don't have to worry about having them spread out in such-and-such a manner. They're all in flats which makes them nicely stackable - I just need to completely fill each flat rather than spreading the vials out.
b. Buy alcohol - Lots of my vials from years ago have hardly any alcohol left in them due to drying...yeah, that can be gross *blech*
c. Throw away any rotten bugs - I do have a couple, but JUST a couple!!

2. Go through food - I stockpiled a lot of yummy things that I was eating all the time and then school kicked me in the butt and I started eating way too much fast food, although I am trying to change that. Anyway, I stopped eating the food I had bought and no doubt a LOT of it has gone to waste :-(
a. Pantry
b. Fridge
c. Freezer
d. Stockpile box - (yes, I do have one lol)

3. Trash I'm saving - I have a SUPER hard time getting rid of stuff, especially things that I think could be usable in the future. These include broken plates (art projects!), glass jars (storage containers), and other odds and ends that the average person would just throw away. These items are just spread around the apartment at the moment and need to be corralled in some form or fashion.
a. Possible arts and crafts items
b. Storage containers

4. I'm still gonna have to consider what this one should be...

Wish me luck!!

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