Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Goals for the week and a brief book review

I'm going to make a list of knitting goals for the week just to see how well I can follow through...
1. Finish current skein on Mama David's Shawl
2. Finish current skein on Indiecita Alpaca Scarf
3. Finish Spring Beret
4. Complete 2/3 of the Super Scarf
5. Finish another A Glittery Christmas

Shouldn't be too hard...lol.

So I have finally completed my first book for 2009, Dewey:The Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron.
This is a really sweet book although awkward in spots. The story is sometimes just as much about the author/owner of Dewey as it is about Dewey. In other words, there are some extremely personal autobiographical elements about Vicki. It is an interesting story and quite fascinating that one cat could impact so many lives. The book kept saying that news reports all over the world would talk about Dewey and now I'm really interested in seeking out these reports ... I'll let ya'll know the fruits of my labor when I get around to looking. In conclusion, I do recommend this book but be prepared for some repetition and out of sync timelines as well as a heartwarming story.


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