Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finally setting off on the road's about time

          I've been doing an awful lot of thinking over the past few weeks and not near enough listening.  It's funny how thinking too much can make you feel pretty terrible...the old adage "you're overthinking it" comes to mind.  In a similar vein, I frequently have to tell my students that they're thinking too hard about how to answer a question.  It would seem that thinking a lot would be a healthy thing for giving the brain a workout, but good gracious it wreaks havoc on the heart. 
          Even when it comes to God and what His presence in my life means to me, I over think it.  I start focusing on the fact that God has a plan for my life and a purpose and that He knows what's best for me.  Starts out as a really great thought, but then it becomes, "What if God's best for me is to be single for my entire life?"  Yeah, I would say thinking too much is my worst personal vice.  Instead of dwelling on all the "bad" possibilities for my future, I just need to trust and be patient...even though the trusting and being patient is getting mind-numbingly difficult. 
          But as I mentioned in my last post (back in November), waiting in its truest form is an active thing.  So with that in mind, you'll be seeing consistent posts again.  I'll be going through the book I mentioned on that last post and writing about it here. 
          Time to start listening, and see what God has to say...

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