Sunday, July 1, 2012

A note about health...and why laziness can be a good thing

     Maybe it's just me, but I have some of the strangest health issues on a seemingly non-stop basis.  And my body's response to stress is definitely physical.  At the beginning of last week (3 days before the big final), my shingles came back; thankfully it was a mild case, but painful nonetheless.  On top of that, I had headaches every single day from Monday to Friday.  Friday's headache was especially a doozie (lasting from the time I got up to the time I fell asleep) - which was strange seeing as I was done with biochem at that point.  I'm starting to wonder if these headaches are from more than just stress - I've been having some really strange and unpleasant dreams as of late and my headaches usually start as soon as I wake up.  I wonder if anyone else has had dream-caused headaches...  When googling different causes for headaches and the different types of headaches, mine didn't seem to match up with any of who knows.  I've also got constant off and on body aches and pains, nausea, and stomach aches.  At this point, I've pretty much forgotten what it's like to feel completely well.  How many people are out there that feel completely well on a fairly consistent basis?  Do other people always feel a little physically off?

The kind of image I want to keep on my mind this month (courtesy of my dad).

     Anyway, this next month all I have to do is keep up with my low-key online course and clean and organize the apartment.  I'm going to keep any big commitments at a minimum and try to relax as much as possible.  I'll also be able to spend a lot more time in the Word - which I'm greatly looking forward to!!  Hopefully a month of mild laziness will bring my body back up to speed.  And that's the trick right?  Laziness is always seen as such a terrible thing, and I've even posted on this blog about how laziness can catch us in it's terrible web and suck away our productivity and get-up-and-go.  But I believe there truly is a time and a place for laziness, certainly not a hardcore laziness that is warned against in Proverbs, but a laziness that relaxes our minds, souls, and bodies, so that we can get back to feeling physically normal and able to actually spend time with others while 100% of ourselves.
     So here's to laziness, in it's most productive form.  A restful laziness of time with God and working on myself so that I can be the most of who I am :-)

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Seema sharma said...

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