Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LYS gone!

So I went to the nearest LYS to my house today and lo and behold it was their last day of business!  Huge bummer because now to get fancy yarns I can't find at Michael's, i'll have to go all the way to the richer side of town.  A nice enough place, but I don't always feel like I fit in over there.  Plus, I really liked the LYS closer to home, it was quainter and had super-friendly southern people working there.  I was hoping to start taking a knitting class there as well.  Guess not anymore, but that's okay because I bought some more books to help me with the stitches I can't figure out.  One was "Teach Yourself Visually Knitting" which has photographs and detailed instructions for every different method of increasing and decreasing...yay!!  Also, the yarn was on sale for 70% off so I bought a ridiculous amount!  I'm planning on knitting a vest from some NY red, green, and yellow Fiesta yarn and a couple of pairs of mittens with Scenic yarn pink and orange as well as lots of dishcloths of varying colors from some beautiful Sugar N' Cream yarn.  I had a great time shopping beyond what I can currently afford, but of course you can always convince yourself that it's okay because it was a Sale!!...oh well:-P  I went to Target afterwards to pick up some metal cubicles to finally make myself a yarn shelf (Pictured above)...yaya!! I've been wanting one ever since I started accumulating yarn like crazy.  
     Left is a picture of how I'm coming with the Skinny Tie, I think it's looking pretty good for its being my first attempt at striping! :-D  I've completed 6 out of 17 stripes so far...it feels good to be completing projects again.

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Anonymous said...


It's Eleanor!

Rex told me last night that you are really into knitting, and gave me the link to your blog. XD

super cute!! omg.

I am in awe. I love to knit, but I can never seem to finish anything I start. I've only ever finished one scarf... :( ehe.

*hug* I'm glad you're back in the states! Rex missed you a lot.